Homeowner Shoots Intruder He Tried to Help


A homeowner living in the area of 4000 block East Muskgrove Highway in Sebewa Township, called police to report that an intruder had forced his way into the home, telling the homeowner that he was being chased by someone trying to kill him.

Unknown to the homeowner at the time, 40-year-old Justin Eddy had just driven a truck he had stolen from a residence some 2 miles away, leaving his own vehicle behind with the engine running and the headlights on at the place where he’d stolen the truck.

Eddy jumped into the stolen truck and drove away with a flatbed trailer containing heavy equipment machinery on it.

According to Ionia County Sheriff’s Office, Eddy then traveled,

“… through and on a few properties in the area, damaging the truck and trailer before arriving at the house where the shooting occurred.”

After he forced his way into the final home, Eddy tried convincing the owner that he was being chased.

The news release said the homeowner armed himself and followed the supposedly terrified man outside to investigate the claim.

A quick search of the area did not reveal any pursuers, and the men then returned to the home when suddenly Eddy started,

“… acting very erratically and became very angry with the homeowner, and then assaulted the homeowner,” according to the news release.

The unidentified homeowner then fired and killed Eddy. He was not charged for the shooting and is reportedly cooperating with authorities. A review is pending with prosecutors to determine if any charges will be filed.

Police suspect drugs and alcohol played a role in the shooting, but neither Eddy nor the homeowner knew each other prior to the shooting.

The investigation is ongoing and police are requesting that anyone with information contact the Ionia County Sheriff’s Office Detective Bureau at 616-527-5737.

An all too common tactic employed by criminals for gaining entry to your home is to fake some emergency, then attack the Good Samaritan when the opportunity presents itself.

While helping neighbors in hard times is important, do so with the possibility in your head that it could be fake.

If needed, tell them to remain outside while you call the police. If there isn’t a real threat, the criminal won’t remain around long enough to speak with responding officers.

If the threat is real however, help is on the way, and you have done your part to help while maintaining the safety of your family.

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