Eugene Homeowner Protects Family from 2 Invading Criminals

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A Eugene homeowner was forced awake on Saturday morning to something that no homeowner wants to come across, a pair of unwanted trespassers breaking into his property.

This incident occurred at the home of Ammond Lutz, located at the 2100 block of Willona Drive in Eugene.

At around 4:00 in the morning, Ammond was surprised to find himself being woken up by his three teenage children who claimed that they had heard someone in the family’s garage. This caused Ammond to get dressed and get himself armed with his personal handgun before checking out just what his children may have heard going on in the garage.

Upon heading downstairs and making his way to the source of the noises, Ammond did indeed find two people 22-year-old Ryan Best and 21-year-old Arcelia Vasquez-Smith inside the garage.

Ammond then drew his firearm and ordered the two young criminals to the ground. After they obliged the armed father, Ammond had his children call the police who arrived on the scene ten minutes later.

According to Ammond, after he had the two trespassers on the ground they made no attempt to get up and attack him, though Ryan Best was very vocal while being detained. Luckily for Ammond and the young pair there was no violence stemming from the incident.

Ryan Best and Arcelia Vasquez-Smith were taken away by local police charged with criminal trespassing, though the pair claim that they had just entered the wrong house and were not attempting to steal anything from the property.

So what do you think of the incident? Do you believe that things would have gotten out of hand if it weren’t for Ammond’s stern presence and the presence of his firearm? Do you think this was a situation that didn’t call for a firearm at all? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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