Portland Multi-State CCW Course October 21st 2017


On Saturday Morning the 21st of October, Concealed Carry Instructor Bryan Mumford will be teaching a Firearm Course which qualifies students to receive an Oregon and/or Utah Concealed weapons permit. The class will run from 12:00pm to 3:00pm.

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About the CCW Class:

The Oregon and Utah concealed carry class includes pertinent information on firearm mechanics and safety, how to safely identify and resolve all types of firearm malfunctions, when the use of force and lethal force are justified, how to conduct yourself when stopped by law enforcement, when and where you cannot conceal your firearm, etc. Content will include:

  • Firearm Safety Rules and Overview
  • Firearm Safety Concerns With Children
  • Handgun Basics and Mechanics
  • Firing Stances & Malfunctions Clearing
  • Firearm Accessories
  • Firearm and Ammunition Storage
  • Concealed Carry Holsters & Techniques
  • Oregon Gun Ownership Laws
  • Oregon Concealed Carry Laws
  • Oregon Justifiable and Physical Force Laws

Students will need to bring their state issued driver’s license, a credit or debit card to put down on the Utah State application for their processing fee of $67 which is charged at a later date after the class. **No student firearms are allowed in the classroom, demonstration firearms will be provided by the instructor**


When you sign up for this class today you will immediately receive a coupon pack valued at $185. Coupons provide discounts up to $25 on various industry proven products that you will probably need anyway. Products include: Gun law books and videos, training pistols, holsters, gun cleaning products, gun safes and cases, training tools, hearing protection, and more. Click here for more details.

About the Concealed Carry Instructor:

Bryan developed his passion for the firearm industry through competing in local 3-gun and IPSC matches growing up. His drive to make a name in this industry has brought him positions with companies like Smith & Wesson and Crimson Trace. Learn more about Bryan on his profile.

How do you Register for Class:

We require pre-registration for our classes. Please click the add to cart button above to make your payment or call us at 303-536-3384 to register over the phone.

When will you receive the class address:

After your registration is complete you will receive an email with your receipt and then within 24 hours an additional email from your instructor with the exact address and other class information. We do not publish the exact address online because our instructors teach some classes out of their own homes. Be sure to check your JUNK MAIL folder as well.

How Do I Apply For My CCW License After the Class?

After the class, you will walk out with a class completion certificate signed by the instructor. From there you just need to visit your county sheriff’s office and apply. Don’t worry. We’ll give you detailed instructions and set you up before you leave the class.

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What Do Bryan’s Students Say About His Class?

I had the pleasure of meeting Bryan Mumford through a mutual ASP Handcuff instructor one day. At the time I was interested in obtaining my Oregon CHL. Bryan took the time to clarify a few misconceptions I had with Multnomah county and concealed laws. It was a nice relief as an Instructor to meet someone with the same professional demeanor we teach our peers. After speaking about my requests I realized the benefit of a Utah CHL would greatly serve me use as I frequently visit Washington and they have reciprocity with each state. I attended Bryan’s course and was amazed at the depth of knowledge in which his course carries. From a first timer to the most advance range time fanatic, this course laid down some great info. Everyone in my course that day left with more experience than they came with and a better understanding in which the law requires. This course is one which I’ve spoken highly about to anyone interested in a safe and professional training seminar. It’s nice to see that Bryan Mumford has taken this course and created the perfect course for all types of 2nd amendment supporters.

His prices were competitive and he was the only instructor to hold the classes in such a comfortable, relaxing location where it was easy to focus and learn. His class was educational as well as fun. I have joined his fandom and have sent at least a dozen students his way. I recommend him to everyone and tag him in everything. He is an incredible instructor and a wonderful man who is always there for his students, even if you have inquiries a year after his class.

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